Dump of Many People

*excessive waddling noises*

Date Posted: October 28th, 2015, 11:59 am

Author Notes

1024 x 768 wallpaper for the holidays.

...Not sure what holiday though.


How could you forget Daffy Duck's birthday?
This is now my laptop's wallpaper.
Jesus Fucking Christ How is this comic not dead yet? Both chats are dying, and even some of the members themselves think it's dead.
"it was screwed from the moment baeden took over" - Skybyte
"domp was pretty instable" - Bit
@SmashWaffle: Well, the Chatango chat died because Aiden decided to ban Hippo from it because.... He could? Those of us that still go to the Chatango chats go the Green Eggs and Spam chat now.
*checks comic number* *dies laughing*

Personally, I'm okay with people posting here or not posting here, but I think that this is the perfect number for the comic to stay on, just because of the sheer irony.
quack :o)
(aka I think i've found MY new wallpaper)