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Musical Comic Coming Soon! | Additional Info and Sign-Ups

Date Posted: March 9th, 2015, 3:11 pm

Author Notes

A musical comic? From me? Weirder things have happened, I suppose.

The song I'll be comicing is DJ Earworm's 2014 mashup. I adore mashups, alright? And this one's amazing.

You might be wondering why it says "Sign-Ups" in the title there. Fact is, there's a load of songs in this mashup, so I figured it could easily be turned into a DOMP-themed thing!

I'll post the song list below, and you all can sign up your sona or character to be the one to sing a certain song! Every time I get a sign-up, I'll put their name by the song so that we don't get all confuzzled.
Animals- Ryan

Talk Dirty- Josh

Fancy- Scribble

Let Her Go- Toppy

Habits- Hanna

Story Of My Life-

Happy- Scratch

Rude- Deuce

Black Widow- Yosh

All About That Base- Aqua

Let It Go- Blizzard

Pompeii- Taigan

All Of Me- Dub

Don't Tell 'Em- Nash

Stay With Me-

Team- Midnight

Take Me To Church- Naso

Bang Bang- Koops

Problem- EternalCircus

Shake It Off- Mels

Dark Horse- Hippo

Am I Wrong- Bit


I want Talk Dirty
@DaBrokor: Am I to use Josh or Brokor?
I'm considering signing Shuta up under Happy because he's basically an emotionless robot.
@aqua the hedgie: I already took Happy, sorry!
Shake it Off with my Authorsona (my avatar)
Dub for All of Me? I guess?
Ryan for Animals
Isn't OBVIOUS which one I should get... Let it go...
am i wrong for me
pls no
I guess i'll give it a try.

Team-Midnight(sonic version)
@TrainPhantom16: Which song?
@SuperScratchkat: I said team which is from lorde.
@TrainPhantom16: Ah, right! Sorry! '>_<
I want am I wrong
@kirby knight 1000: Bit just took Am I Wrong, is there another one you'd be okay with?
... Ripping off Melody?

AMVs have been around almost as long as animation.

That aside, I think Scribble for "Fancy"
-thinks super long and hard-
eh whatever
Hanna the kirby for Dark Horse
(please tell me you're drawing it and not sprites...)
Pompeii with Taigan (from KDT)
Deuce (not me, my fc) for Rude

Here is how he looks like: http://img2.smackjeeves.com/images/uploaded/comics/9/1/919950f75PoF6.png
No Uptown Funk?
The ONE song I can tolerate isn't GOOD enough for you?!?!
@1ce_k1d: It wasn't in the mashup. :y
I love it though, it's a great song.
Screw it, Aqua for All About That Base

Because that's so what he is.

Lemme know if you want a reference.
@aqua the hedgie: I could use a reference, yeah.
I'll put in Toppy for Let Her Go.....because it's more fitting then you'd think.
@Sapar: Hehehe...
I guess I'll put Nash on Don't Tell 'Em. Never been in one of these before.
(You should know what Nash looks like, but if you need a reference, let me know)

Also worth noting, I didn't know most of those songs, but that was a very cool mashup.
since take me to church is like the only song i know (lmao) i guess i could sign up for it with Naso? eh, i'm not sure if you need a ref, but here's one! http://i.imgur.com/JNiqdzG.png
@contradiction123: I am sure u know more then that, shake it off form Taylor Swift, Let it go from Frozen. Who in this country would never hear of these songs.
oops i just listened to the actual song and uh can i change
Hanna doesn't fit at all lel since it's only a guy singing the dark horse part
here i'll listen to it a few more times to see which part i actually want

edit: can I have Habits instead, still with Hanna
(habits is the yellow one, right? from the video? All the tiiiime)
i mean i did say Hanna the kirby but i wanna know what the majority of these are so she doesn't look out of place or something
i mean i might still stick with the kirby but still aaa
@Hanna B: I'm assuming that, since this is DoMP themed, most people are going to be puffballs, so Hanna likely won't be out of place.
also why did you put Naso for Habits.......
@Hanna B Woops! Fixed!

Hanna wouldn't be out of place at all, don't worry about it!
Still please make sure to actually get Hippo in because I'll throw a jealousy fit otherwise ;P
hahahahahaha so I actually listened to the song Habits just today and it's the least fitting thing for Hanna in the history of ever

but it's not like the whole song is gonna be in it, just those parts so..it's fine yaaaay
@Koops: I don't need sprites, but I could use a reference!
ooh can i have problem? my character is like my avatar basically
oh right a reference pic would probably be good.
@Yosh: Oops! I wrote your name instead of Koops.
@Yosh: Sure, just gimme a reference.