Dump of Many People

kirby knight 1000
The creator of this dump.
Loves hugs, girls, and cake.
KK is a crazy guy who is lovable in his own weird way.

1ce k1d.
One of the earlier authors, often speaking about things no one cares about.
Due to laziness, he doesn't do too much. You may see a DOMP News pop out of him from time to time though.
Part of the Illuminati.

Sapar (pronounced Say-par/Sae-par):
A lovable little Sugarman with god powers, sadistic hobbies, and the IQ of a walnut.
Not a good combination.

PurpleChickenPineapple (A.K.A PCP, Purple, Purby, Piney, Picky, Pikapi, etc...)
Slow but steady artist, musician, writer, and soon to be young adult. :3
Likes the color purple, chickens and pineapples. (The name says it all.)
Third member of the D.O.M.P. and proud of it.
Not likely to post too often, but results may vary.

Quirby64 (otherwise Quirby)
An 12-yr. old Kirby who joined the DOMP at his own will.
Loves spriting, clay model making,making & reading comics,ect,ect....
He also has a huge Nintendo collection.
Also is friends with most of the DOMP. He got lightning-ed by Yoshi's wisp once.
The pain.....

Meta-eggplant aka Eggy
Needs to improve custom spriting.
Joined DOMP in its early days.
Prefers drawing to spriting.
Likes to draw, piss off Vix, and hang out with friends.
Almost all of her OCs are straight-up recolors.
Catchphrase which I will sue you for if you steal it: "Indeedy."
...Needs to stop adding on more stuff here. Who keeps on bolding everything?!

imadoofus (aka Doofus)
Really, REALLY likes pie. I mean, like, really...
Enjoys science, especially regarding space. And pie.
Did I mention he likes pie?

I'm just putting this here to see who finds it.
Comment 'potatoes are the new leader' on the latest DOMP News if you find this.
Or not, who knows.

SeanDude106 (aka Sean)
Is able to use the Plasma power, and it's way better than Kirby's Plasma ability.
Catchphrase is "Lol derp".
Friends are everyone in DoMP, really. (Mostly Sapar and people who like pizza).
Sucks at drawing. You want proof? Then check out his MEME!
Likes friends on Wii U (PM him if you have a Wii U).

collaborational (Collab)
This binch took a few levels in badass and transcended the gender binary.
Catchprase is "fuffkc"
Friends? Who needs friends when you have Discourse?
Pretty good at singing, drawing, and writing stories.

DaBrokor (aka Josh)(Pronounced BRAHcore. But don't spell it BRAHcore.)
Good drawer, and writer/poet, but can't stick to making a comic.
Likes both dogs and cats.
Plays drums, guitar, AND piano. Thing is, he only REALLY knows drums.
Needs to make a animation.
Wait what am I doing here writing my bio I should be doing homework
Catchprase is "Error: File not found."

littlekirby61524 (often called Kirby, littlekirby, or LK)
Likes to draw things, mainly his char. Leo (see DA), likes to read.
Catchphrase: "floof"
Favorite thing to do is play videogames and talk/chat with friends.

Aqua the Hedgie
Alias: Nivlac, Aqua, Calvin, that one guy with the afro
Nivlac is in fact not a character, but the name of the author who created characters. As such, he will probably not show up unless fitting to the plot of that particular panel/page. He often sounds boring but really isn't. Also he hadn't even heard of the DOMP before waking up one morning with an invite to join. So that's cool.
Likes: Stuff of the nerdy variety, Tumblr
Dislikes: Dehumanization

He is a really nice guy, sometimes, he is ignored, he just want to get a few friends
He dont like to draw so much, he just wants to do sprites and make comics with them, also he is the only one who has Snake and Creeper powers
He is from Argentina

Aka: Tobias, Toby, Dub, Dubbie, Dawb.
Tobias is a person. One who is likely unknown to you.
They like art, comics, Mikado (Or Pocky. Whatever.) and milkshake.
They joined DoMP because they saw Aqua and Brokor were here. That's pretty much the only reason.

Giant ego, low self-esteem.
Don't expect her to post much btw.
Reasonably good at pokemon, but too lazy to actually do stuff.
Also enjoys the torture of insects such as ants and ladybirds.

Is a decent artist, kinda good at spriting.
Has an Wacom Intuos Pro drawing tablet. <3
Shy around new people, opens up to friends.
Has one ability: Mirror.
Can be, very, oblivious. And clueless.
Catchphrase: ...u-um..... >.>
Likes: Pokemon, Kirby, MyLittlePony, Minecraft, drawing, Animal Crossing

Vanillamilkshake (otherwise known as Van, Vanillish, or Vanilla)
Is pretty good at drawing, though mostly at kirbys or anything in the anime style.
Does get a little obsessive about things she likes, though *glances at pic of Vio on her desktop*
Is rather new to the DoMP and can be found on the chat a lot.
Likes vanilla flavored milkshakes.
Likes: Vio, Kirby, Pokemon, Vio, assorted animes and mangas, LoZ, Vio, assorted video games, and oh, did I mention Vio?
Whatever you do, don't mention Ferriswheel shipping to her.

A kind, quirky, crafty and somewhat oblivious kirby.
Has two different colored eyes both representing something different
Possesses power to control Ice and can make objects out of them
Has a very strange obsession of fruity desserts
Likes to make new friends who have different personalities
Catchphrase: Y'okay!

SB123 (AKA Tom, Thomas)
A very lazy author.
He likes KK1000 and Ryjora, but hates trollers.
Catchphrase: "Loading...ERROR: Too lazy to load"

Alana (eternalcircus)
is probably human. Probably.
Likes anime, videogames, music, and drawing.
Ships everyone and everything, you cannot stop her crazy crack-ship powers.
Her catchphrase is probably "(
He appears to be a Shiny Pikachu who fears Pokeballs and mouse traps, but he has shown signs of being a machine. Good friends with Plasma, Slasher, and a bunch of other people.
Nekotive, aka "Neko"